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Logic in Southern California

Saturday, December 3, 2011 

Rowland Hall 440R

Funded by NSF grant DMS-1044150 


11:30 -- 12:30 Dima Sinapova (UCI) 
02:00 -- 03:00 Isaac Goldbring (UCLA)
03:10 -- 04:10 Miodrag Sokic (Caltech)
04:20 -- 05:20 Christoph Weiss (UCI)     

Driving directions and parking            Register  

The only purpose of registration is to give us some idea how many people will attend; this should simplify planning and logistics. It would be therefore helpful and appreciated if all people who indend to attend register. 

Abstracts of the talks:

Dima Sinapova (UCI): The singular cardinal problem 

Abstract: We will discuss relative consistency results about singular cardinal arithmetic in the context of forcing and large cardinals. We will focus on the relationship between the Singular Cardinal Hypothesis, Jensen's square principle, scales, and the tree property. In particular, we will explore constructions involving Prikry type forcings to obtain consistency results.  top

Isaac Goldbring (UCLA): Nonstandard methods in Lie theory

Abstract:  In this talk, I will survey several applications of nonstandard methods in Lie theory.  I will first describe the nonstandard solution to Hilbert's fifth problem due to Hirschfeld and my extension of this approach to the setting of local groups, including a couple of recent applications of this latter result.  I will then discuss Pestov's construction of nonstandard hulls of Banach-Lie groups with an application to enlargeability of Banach-Lie algebras.  Finally, I will present two generalizations of Pestov's construction:  a nonstandard hull construction for locally exponential Lie groups and algebras and a nonstandard hull construction for locally uniform groups.  The latter construction is work in progress and involves an interesting interplay between the theory of infinite dimensional groups and the theory of local groups.   top

Miodrag Sokic (Caltech): Ramsey classes

Abstract: We give a connection between structural Ramsey theory and topological dynamics. In particular we give a list of Ramsey classes of finite structures and their connection with extreme amenability of groups.  top

Christoph Weiss (UCI): Set Theory - A Biased Overview  

Abstract: Most of the fundamental concepts that comprise modern set theory arose during the 1960s.  Therefore the subject that we think of as set theory is roughly 50 years old.  We will try to explain the motives behind set theoretic research and where we stand today.  As we have 50 minutes to do so, this gives us one minute per year of set theory, so we might not be able to cover everything.   top 


Driving directions and parking:

For maps, and other travel information click here. Rowland Hall is building 400 on the map.

From the north:

  • Take I-405 to 73 south. Exit at Bison. (Bison is the last toll-free exit!!!)

  • Turn left onto Bison.

  • Pass East/West Peltason and continue straight ahead to lot 16.

From the south:

  • Take I-5 to 73 north, and exit 73 at Bison (toll).

  • Turn right onto Bison.

  • Pass East/West Peltason and continue straight ahead to lot 16.

To park on campus you will need to purchase a parking permit. You can buy a parking permit from the dispenser near the entrance to lot 16. Park in lot 16. Parking may cost as much as $14 for the full day. That kiosk takes both cash and credit cards. Quarterly or annual parking permits from other UC campuses are honored at UCI (more information on parking permit reciprocity is available here).  top


Organizers: Alexander Kechris, Itay Neeman, Martin Zeman

Local organizers:  Martin Zeman       Contact: mzeman@math.uci.edu  



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