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Enrolling into Math courses through ACCESS UCI

1) Look through the Math course offerings for the quarter in which you wish to enroll. You can find the schedule of classes here: http://websoc.reg.uci.edu/perl/WebSoc.


2) Sign up on the ACCESS Waitlist as soon as possible (this waitlist is located in the Mathematics Department at UCI in Rowland Hall 340) for the classes you wish to take. If it is an undergraduate course, make sure you choose a lecture and a linked discussion (linked discussions are listed directly below the lecture). If you are a high school student, make sure to bring a letter of recommendation from your guidance counselor and/or a copy of your AP exam scores.


3) Begin attending the lecture(s) and linked discussion section(s) you have signed up for on the waitlist.


4) Attend these classes regularly, take any associated tests, and complete any associated homework assignments even though you are not yet officially enrolled.


5) Mid-week 2nd week (for non-impacted courses) and late 3rd week (for impacted courses) you will receive an e-mail from the Undergraduate Program Coordinator notifying you of whether or not you have been approved to take the classes you signed up for on the waitlist. Note that if the course is impacted (i.e. FULL or Waitlisted), we won't be able to give you a final decision until after UCI, Extension's Week 2 deadline for ACCESS enrollment. You will be charged a late fee by Extension should you be approved for the course after Week 2. The Mathematics Department does not control this late fee; please do not ask us for assistance in getting it waived.


6) If approved, please complete an ACCESS Enrollment form (available on the University Extension website) and come to the Mathematics department to receive the authorization signature. Ask to see the Undergraduate Program Coordinator.


7) Take the signed enrollment form to the UCI, Extension, Student Services Office within the ACCESS deadline to formally enroll in and pay for the courses.


8) Continue to attend classes if approved; if not approved, please discontinue attendance in those classes.



Questions about enrolling into Math classes through ACCESS UCI? Contact the Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Laurie Andress-Delaney, at (949) 824-6770 or by e-mail at landress(at)math.uci.edu.



Questions about ACCESS UCI enrollments in general (i.e. fees, refunds, forms)? Contact Tiffany Carter at (949) 824-7956 or by e-mail at tcarter(at)uci.edu.



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