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Important starting Fall 2010: First make sure to read the Mathematics Add/Drop and Waitlist Policy!!!



Other Information for Enrollment in Undergraduate Courses:

1) To be fair to EVERYONE, the enrollment process for the Math Department is handled exclusively on-line, through WebReg. Please do not ask your instructor or the department staff to help add you to courses that are full or waitlisted.

2) Not all prerequisites can be coded for enrollment purposes, so on rare occasions you may find that you are able to enroll into courses for which you do not have the proper prerequisites. IT IS THE STUDENT'S OWN RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK THE UCI CATALOGUE TO MAKE SURE THEY MEET ALL MATH COURSE PREREQUISITES BEFORE ENROLLING. The Department runs passive prerequisite checks on lower-division courses before the start of the quarter and reserves the right (without warning or notification), to drop from Math courses any students who do not meet the prerequisites.

3) Enrollment in discussion (and lab, where offered) is REQUIRED.  Choose from discussions and labs directly below lecture.

4) Classroom/time changes may still occur. Please continue to check WebSOC for the latest information.

5) Note that you will not have a successful enrollment transaction unless the status of both the lecture and discussion match - in other words, if you are trying to waitlist a course, both the lecture and discussion must have the status "Waitlist". If you are trying to enroll into a class, both the lecture and discussion must have the status "Open." You will not have a successful transaction if one is "Open" and the other "Waitlist", etc.

6) Classes may be canceled if a minimum enrollment number is not reached. Make sure to check your UCI e-mail address for correspondence from the Math Department.

7) The Math Department Tutoring Center for all lower division courses will begin the second week of classes.  The location and hours will be announced on our Tutoring page.

8) To enroll in an Undergraduate Research course (Math 199 A-B-C), contact the instructor first, obtain their approval, and then add the course to your Study List. 

9) Graduate students have last priority in enrollment into undergraduate Math courses. Please send an e-mail to the Undergraduate Coordinator at sshumate(at)math.uci.edu to indicate your interest in the course.

10) Students MUST attend the discussion section in which they are enrolled. Due to full classes and Fire Marshal rules, students are not allowed to be enrolled in one discussion while attending another.  

11) The Math Department and the instructor are not able to assist students in switching from one discussion section into another section that is full or waitlisted. All such transactions must be completed by the student at their own risk, through WebReg.

12) We are unable to assist students in getting back into courses that they accidentally dropped or were dropped out of by the Registrar due to unpaid fees.

13) Whether or not you meet a prerequisite for a Math course is based on your most recent grade in the prerequisite course, not the highest. For example, if you took Math 2A and received a C- and then in a later quarter you re-took it and received an F, the Math Department, for the purposes of going on to Math 2B, will not recognize that you have met the prerequisite for Math 2B.


Repeat Policy:


You will not have access to lower-division Math courses you wish to repeat when your enrollment window opens. If your grade was an F, you will be able to enroll a few days after the 2nd Open Enrollment Session begins (date varies each quarter; check WebSOC Math comments for exact date), as space permits. If your grade was between C- and D-, enroll on the first day of class, as space permits via WebReg (no add cards). An alternative is to retake the class in Summer Session.

For Additional Undergraduate Enrollment Questions, contact the Undergraduate Program Coordinator at (949) 824-6770 or landress(at)math.uci.edu.


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