Peter Li

Chancellor's Professor


Department of Mathematics

University of California, Irvine

410B Rowland Hall

Irvine, CA 92697-3875

Tel: (949) 824-7049

Fax: (949) 824-7993


Research Interest

Differential Geometry and Partial Differential Equations

Curriculum Vitae

Publication List

Recent Papers

Lecture Notes and Survey Articles

  • "Lecture Notes on Geometric Analysis." Lecture Notes Series No. 6, Research Institute of Mathematics, Global Analysis Research Center, Seoul National University, Korea (1993). (pdf file)
  • Curvature and function theory on Riemannian manifolds. Surveys in Differential Geometry: Papers dedicated to Atiyah, Bott, Hirzebruch, and Singer Vol VII, International Press (2000), 375-432. (pdf file)
  • Differential geometry via harmonic functions. Proc. ICM 2002 - Beijing Vol. II (2002), 293-302. (pdf file)
  • Harmonic functions and applications to complete manifolds, Lecture notes. (pdf file)
  • Harmonic functions on complete Riemannian Manifolds. ŇHandbook of Geometric Analysis, No. 1Ó Advanced Lectures in Mathematics, Vol. 7 (2008), International Press. (pdf file)

á       Structure of Complete Manifolds with Positive Spectrum. Preprint. (pdf file)

á       Lectures on Harmonic Maps.  Manuscript. (pdf file)

Unpublished Paper

  • (with L. Karp) The heat equation on complete Riemannian manifolds. (pdf file)

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