Math 77A: Lab

In Class MATLAB Examples:

Examples Description
jade.m MATLAB code for 4th order BSS method
ls_decorr.m      getC.m      flsdecorr.m
mmtest.m      f.m
BSS using second order decorrelation and time shifts via constrained nonlinear least squares, how to use MATLAB's lsqnonlin command
cubic_decorr.m       coefficients.m
bach.wav       s3.wav       wu.wav
s1.wav       s4.wav       s7.wav
Blind Source Separation (linear instantaneous mixing model)
11_19_2010.m Least squares examples
11_17_2010.m Random walk examples
11_12_2010.m Gaussian and joint Gaussian distributions
11_5_2010.m Probability review, i.i.d. Gaussian noise
11_3_2010.m Butterworth filter in frequency domain
10_29_2010.m Review project 1 and use fvtool to look at some min phase/all pass decompositions
10_27_2010.m       r2p.m Constructing filters from zeros and poles, using 'filter' to solve difference equations
10_22_2010.m       filts.m Review of different ways to apply filters, computing amplitude response
10_15_2010.m More matrix diagonalization examples
10_13_2010.m       mycirc.m Diagonalization of circulant matrix using DFT basis, filtering in the frequency domain
10_8_2010.m       mycorr.m       myconv.m Filtering, zero padding, and correlation versus convolution
Lecture Notes Worked through exercises 2 and 3 in the lecture notes
10_1_2010.m       brick.jpg       DFTbasis.m Aliasing in images, linear systems in MATLAB, DFT basis
9_29_2010.m       projab.m MATLAB practice and a function for orthogonal projection onto a line
ave_filter.m       ave_fun.m MATLAB script and function for averaging filter
9_24_2010.m       khan.wav Some examples of analyzing audio signals in MATLAB