Math 77A: Lab

In Class MATLAB Examples:

Examples Description
ls_decorr.m      getC.m      flsdecorr.m
mmtest.m      f.m
BSS using second order decorrelation and time shifts via constrained nonlinear least squares, how to use MATLAB's lsqnonlin command
3_2_2011.m A few more filtering examples: Butterworth filter, MATLAB's fvtool
Probability review: random variables, density function, joint distribution, covariance
2_14_2011.m Connections between linear and circular convolution, z-transform, and MATLAB's filter function
2_11_2011.m      ilpf.m More properties of DFT, filtering in spatial and frequency domain
2_09_2011.m Interpreting the DFT
SVD demo
Singular value decomposition examples
1_26_2011.m Least squares, orthogonal bases, DCT, DFT
1_12_2011.m More MATLAB practice and linear algebra review
angleuv.m      projab.m Reviewed Linear Algebra Notes2 and practiced writing MATLAB functions
1_5_2011.m      khan.wav Practiced some basic MATLAB commands