Math 77C: Lab

In Class MATLAB Examples:

Examples Description
cartoonify.m Image cartoonification experiments
kmeans_test.m K-means segmentation
2_24_2011.m      centroid.m      trot.m      sig.m      match.m Using shape signatures and correlation to determine rotation for shape matching
2_17_2011.m Discrete cosine transform and discrete Fourier transform
2_10_2011.m      twain.png Edge detection, Hough transform, and text recognition
2_3_2011.m      periodicBC.m      reflectBC.m      av4linear.m      av4nonlinear.m      Gs.m      bilateral.m Linear and nonlinear filters, bilateral filtering
1_27_2011.m Convolution, correlation and filtering in MATLAB
1_20_2011.m      rotbl.m      spinning_elvis.avi      histogram equalization demo Tips for project 1, rotation and interpolation, histogram equalization
1_13_2011.m      intnn.m      intbl.m Programmed nearest neighbor and bilinear interpolation functions
1_6_2011.m      elvis.bmp      snowman.jpg Practiced basic MATLAB commands including reading and writing images