Math 77C: Lab

Teaching Assistant: Ernie Esser
Lab: T 2:00 - 3:20 in RH 421 (PRISM Lab)
Office Hours: T 3:30 in RH 421 or RH 425 (or by appointment)


In Class MATLAB Examples:

Examples Description
notes_6_5_2012.m      SVM examples
notes_5_29_2012.m      findclass.m K-means example, classification using linear discriminant functions, Fisher's discriminant
notes_5_15_2012.m      Joint Gaussian distribution, covariance, diagonalization and singular value decomposition
cross_validation_test.m      CV.m      Cross validation for polynomial regression
notes_4_17_2012.m      Least squares regression examples
notes_4_10_2012.m      More MATLAB practice: filtering, histogram equalization
notes_4_3_2012.m     elvis.bmp      snowman.jpg      meshtest.m      newtonstep.m      Practiced basic MATLAB commands including reading and writing images