Danna Chen studies chemical engineering. She joins Math CEO because she really likes to teach and this will be really fun for her.

Lani Matsumura studies education sciences. She really enjoys working with students and hopes to make a postive impact while preparing for her future as a teacher!

Ramon Mendoza studies computer science. He joins Math CEO because he likes to help others.

Jorge Silva Guzman studies mathematics. He joins Math CEO because he wants to help out the students.

Brisell Feliz

Stacey Pereira

Sam Masters


Mariyah Her studies psychology. She joins Math CEO because she loves working with children.

Jose Salvador studies economics. He joins Math CEO because he is interested in teaching/mentoring.

Michelle Ontiveros studies mathematics. She loves to help students who need and want the help.

Alison Wallum studies chemistry. She joins Math CEO because she loves teaching and she loves math.

Yining Zhang

Darlene Ly


Aleyda Marquez studies mathematics. She wants to be a mentor to underrepresented students. She knows what it's like to apply to college without the guidance of a friend or family member.

Nicole Malandrinos

Erwin Medina studies mathematics. He wants to give back, and he wants to help those who need it!

Catherine Chan studies education and psychology. She enjoys doing math and wants to work with students.

Isabel Rivera

Euibin Jee

Leona Zhao

Mario Brenes


Siwen Chen studies math and business economics. He wants Math CEO students know that working hard makes everything easy.

Paulina Vo graduated from UCI with a degree in math and biology. She loves working with children, and hopes to be a pediatrician someday.

Ryan Ly studies educational science. He wants the experience with working with kids in various subjects.

Cynthia Uribe studies psychology and social behavior and education. She wants to be able to help others enjoy math the way she does.

Toni Salgado

Andreina Zuniga studies educational science. She wants to learn the development of children and how to best meet their needs, academically or otherwise.

Maria Salazar

Peter Vo


Tyanna Bui studies earth system sciences. She wants to give back to the community and hopes to help and inspire the kids.

Kathy William studies business. She enjoys teaching math and seeing students learn.

Han Tong studies chemistry. He loves math, he loves kids, and he loves teaching.

Angela Deng studies biology. She wants to inspire students to enjoy learning and tackling challenges.

Danwei Wang

Micah Nacpil studies education science. She wants to gain experience working with middle schoolers.

Christine Louis studies biology and psychology. Math is one of her favorite subjects and she would love to mentor students about it!

Crystal Zuo studies mathematics. She gets good grades of all math courses, so she thinks that she has her own learning strategy which can be shared with others.


Grace Tam studies biological science and psychology. Her dream job is financial analyst.

Nini Buu

Salama Sheren studies chemistry. She joins Math CEO because she loves teaching.

Mariana Veloz joined Math CEO because she loves interacting with kids and helping them. This program motivates the students to learn more about math and it also pushes them to get out of their “confort zone”.

Zeyu Tian studies mathematics. He wants to teach students and may be a teacher someday.

Zhiying Zhou studies mathematics. She enjoys playing piano.

Alexandra Ong studies computer science. She thinks math is a very important subject to be proficient at and children deserve to receive extra resources if needed.

Elizabeth Andrews studies biological science. She wants to help teach and guide middle schoolers in achieving success.


Zijun Tang studies mathematics. She wants everyone to get the beauty of math.

Martha Ramos studies Pharmaceutical Sciences. She joins Math CEO because she enjoys teaching Math. She believes that the students that come here are eager to learn and as a mentor to them, she likes to motivate them to try there best while here and to always strive for higher education.

Chi-Yun Yeh joined Math CEO because she loves spending time with kids in a classroom setting and helps them grow. Also she believes that math CEO is a program where it supports many kids to pursue greater education and it is very eye opening to be a part of this program.

Denise Briseno studies psychology and social behavior and education sciences. She wants to be able to help students see the fun in math and build conections to help them succeed

Ivana Kang studies business economics and public health. She wants to be a middle school math teacher someday!

Allan Ahorro studies biology. This is a good opportunity for him to help kids who are willing to learn and build on their math skills. Also this is a good opportunity to give back to the community.

Sally Wu studies mathematics. She wants to help students learn about math and she loves children.

Mayra Rizo studies environmental science. She loves to work with students and sees how to engage them in STEM.


Ashley Dalby

Hung To studies geography. His dream job is to teach.

Breana Cervantes studies psychology and social behavior. She has been involved in Math CEO since last quarter.

Manuel Torres studies computer science. He loves working with students and helping them get excited about math and college in general!

Leslie Jimenez

Richard Orellana-Carbajal

Yaoqi Li studies mathematics. He wants meet with people who love math and make new friends.

Tejas Dethe


Kylie Tang studies education. It will expose her to common core math and better prepare her to be a math teacher.

Xomara Navarrete

Carla Rocha studies education. He wants to explore different areas of teaching to figure out exactly what he wants to focus in.

Starre James

Ante Xu

Jaquelin Jimenez

Katherine Navarro

Hongfei Luo studies mathematics. She thinks it is interesting and wants to have some new experience.


Sam Hwang

Mineh Markarian studies biological science. She likes to help out our community.

Lucy Dolmadijian

Jenny Benetatos studies mathematics. She wants to gain experience and helps students with math.

Nan Wu

Yanting Zhu studies math finance. She finds Math CEO an interesting program and wants to gain new experience.


Lina Meinecke studies mathematics. She likes teaching and has been interested in outreach for a while.

Meng Qi studies mathematics. She wants to learn how to solve math problems in different ways.

Regis Lee studies biology. He enjoys working with kids and helping them learn difficult topics.

Esther Choi

Jessica Bui

Destiny Marin studies mathematics. She enjoys math and has been in a mentor program before for another college.

Shawna Tuli studies data science. She loves math and wants to help kids love it just as much.

Beatrix (Yaxin) Wen studies math (statistics). She loves kids, she loves teaching, and math CEO offers this great platform for her to meet with others!