NSII 1201

Sepideh Kiani.

Kaiyuan Song loves Math.

Xomara Navarrete.

Amy Cabrera majors in mathematics. She likes swimming, dancing, and tutoring..

Kristine Dayrit likes playing games and going to Disneyland.

Carlos Infante likes to collect sneakers and play video games. He is a math major student.

Cindy Tsai likes cooking, working out and doing yoga.

Jingcheng Xu.

Jorge Guzman likes to teach kids.

Julissa Ruiz .

Yiling Tian study math and likes reading, watching movies.

Shushi Yao studies Education. She likes watching movies, shopping, and eating.

Robert CastaƱeda likes listening to music and singing as well.

Jonathan Mau.

Sophia Balkovski is a high school student. She enjoys playing piano and going to the beach.

Tianyi Guan.

Freddy Guzman studies quantitative economics and educational sciences. He likes photographies, hinking, and running.

Amanda Martinez studies Social Science and Political Science. She likes hiking and growing plants.

Melanie Dachauer loves swiming and drawing.

Dien Ha majors in Business Adminstration. He loves fishing and sleeping.

Zhuoer Ma.

Junyu Nan majors in math and likes photography.

Caitlin Lee studies biology. She like going to fitness and teaching kids.

Bruna Raeder loves tutoring kids.

Jeovane Galicia majors in Math and likes MMA.

Alan La majors in education. He loves video games and rock music.

Preny Ayvazian loves tutoring kids.

Daniel Vite studies biology and like playing soccer.

Hanqing(Joy) Gong.

Jessica Maat.

Alberto Takase loves math and playing video games.

PSCB 140

Jordan Aguayo majors in physic and educational sciences. He enjoys basketball and graphic design.

Mia Arnold is a math major student concentrated on education. She likes writing, reading, and she can also speak French.

Andreina Zuniga majors in educational sciences. He likes reading and hanging out with friends or family.

Krizel Hidalgo majors in education. She likes watching, playing sport games, and learning new language.

Jenny Benetatos majors in mathematics. She likes playing volleyball,reading book, and traveling.

Htet Khant.

Darlene Ly.

Lyle Wiedeman.

Bencheng Li.

Kanika Sophal.

Christopher (Jiwoong) Chang.

Yoola Lee majors in Education and likes listening to music.

weiru Lin studies Education Science and likes watching movies.

Wei Wang majors in education. She likes traveling, doing yoga, and education. She can also speak Mandarin.

Catherine Chan.

Jiahao Wang.

Yexin Wang studies educational sciences. She enjoys traveling, excercise, and food.

Lora Weiss studies mathematics. She enjoys reading and watching movies.

Chelsea Gomes studies education sciences. He enjoys playing flute, working out, and listening to the music.

Sachiko Ozaki majors in Education and likes basketball.

Fengji Yang.

Wanjun Ye.

Anlan Zhang.

Jenny Hoang majors in Chemistry. She likes cooking and reading.

Jiahe Cai.

Robin Jang.

Stephanie Kuo study double major in Political Science and Education. He likes going to concert, movies, and Disneyland.

Yuxuan Wang.

Yingxin Qiu.

Vu Ton.

Rachel Cheng likes reading, biking, and shopping online.

Isaac Jimenez majors in education sciences and loves sports.

Cynthia Uribe studies business. She enjoys teaching math and seeing students learn.

David Wych.


Alvaro Fletcher.

Jennifer Tse.