Math CEO Team

Our team is composed of professors, graduate and undergraduate students at UC Irvine, along with middle school teachers from the Santa Ana Unified School District. Together, we strive to offer an enriching and stimulating mathematical learning experience for the very special children in the UCI Math CEO program.

Alessandra Pantano is the Director of the UC Irvine Math Circle. She received her Ph.D. in Mathematics from Princeton University in 2004, and is currently a Lecturer SOE in the UC Irvine Department of Mathematics.

Li-Sheng Tseng is an Asscciate Professor in Mathematics at UC Irvine and does research in geometry/topology and physics.

Brandi Schumacher is an Academic Coordinator with Math CEO. She works closely with Outreach Assistants to ensure Math CEO runs smoothly. Brandi is also a lecturer in the School of Education at UC Irvine. She earned her Ph.D. in Education and she is interested how children develop and learn and how families can best be supported in the education process.

Andres Forero is a Academic Coordinator of Math CEO. He is a passionate and creative teacher and loves to use different resources to guide students to learning. His hometown is Bogota, Colombia. He obtained his PhD in UC Irvine in 2015. His research area is Inner Model Theory, a branch of Set Theory in which models of set are built in a very specific way.

German Encisco is an Associate professor in the UCI Mathematics Department. He is originally from Colombia and a native Spanish speaker. He is interested in mathematical biology research.

Randie Levine-Williams is a retired math teacher. She received her BA in Mathematics from UCLA and her MA in Education from University of Redlands. She also spent twelve years in computer sales and marketing. Her goal as a teacher has always been to create a fun, cooperative-learning environment utilizing hands-on activities.

Jasmina Matasovic is the Coordinator of the UCI STEMath Club at Lathrop Intermediate School in Santa Ana. She teaches Math at Lathrop and holds graduate degree from UCLA and Teaching Credential from UCI.

Marco Pinuelas is a Math CEO Teaching Assistant. He studies education and philosophy. He wants to learn how to teach at school and how to think about the world.

Lucy Dolmadjian is a Math CEO Teaching Assistant and a third year undergraduate math and statistics student. She enjoys reading in her free time and hopes to pursue a career in biostatistics in the future.

Elena Mejia is a Math CEO Outreach Assistant and a third year undergraduate student studying Earth System Science.

Mason Weupe is a 3rd year pre-medical student majoring in Public Health Sciences. He enjoys cooking and sleeping during his free time.

Omar Simjee is a Math CEO Outreach Assistant and a second year undergraduate student studying computer science. He is interested in teaching and community work.

Monica Gonzalez is a Math CEO Outreach Assistant and a second year undergraduate double major in Psychology & Social Behavior and Criminology Law & Society. She is eager to help others pursue a higher education when coming from a disadvantaged background.

Leonardo Castro is a first year student at UCI, currently undeclared but hoping to major in Computer Science. His favorite academic subject is math. He enjoys helping out people.

Valeria Cardenas is a freshman pursuing a degree in Political Science. She likes to spend free time on learning choreography and just dancing in general!

Phung Duong is the Webmaster of Math CEO and a fourth year undergraduate math student at UCI. She is interested in Data Analysis and Actuarial Science.

  • SANTA ANA MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHERS Gary Dyas, Lathrop Intermediate
    Maria Gomez-Greenberg, Lathrop
    Shiline Nguyen, Lathrop Intermediate
    Anne Marie Streckfus, Villa Intermediate
    Ruth Karr, Villa Intermediate
    Nikolina Petrova, Villa Intermediate
    David Rhodes, Lathrop Intermediate
    Villa Intermediate, Villa Intermediate

  • OTHER COLLABORATORS Roman Cardona, UC Irvine Financial Aid
    Penelope Collins, UCI School of Education
    Diane Hsieh, UCI School of Education
    Tanaz Gibbs, UC Irvine LARC
    Viviana Ramos, UC Irvine Upward Bound
    Tracie Welser, UC Irvine LARC
    Sandra Simpkins (UCI School of Education)
    Catlin Moore (UCI Beall Center for Art + Technology)
    MESA UNIDA UC Irvine

  • The mission of UCI's Learning and Academic Resource Center

  • LARC is to create independent, confident learners by connecting successful students trained as facilitators with peers enrolled in historically challenging courses, and by providing creative study strategies and encouraging active involvement in the enthusiastic pursuit of academic success.

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