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Testimonials from Students

The following are testimonials received from middle school students. Please share your feedback by emailing us at   mathceo@math.uci.edu

Did you know that UCI is everything to me? UCI is a very amazing place to learn math. They influence us to try hard math and not to give up. UCI wants us to know that we can do amazing things in life. I can imagine a million moments that I can never forget. UCI is like my second home. [...] They helped me understand that I can do hard math problems even if I think I can’t. We can do anything we want as long as I tried. UCI also influenced me to go to college because I see all different type of people who are hungry for learning and I want to become one of them. [....] Without math, I won’t be able to know how to solve problems, and I won’t find a good job because every job wants people to know math. The most memorable moment that I had in UCI was when my whole entire group finished the packet after thirty minutes. We were all proud of ourselves and proud that we all can do anything if we put our minds to it.   ✏   Genesis

I’ll be honest with you, in the beginning, I thought it would just be a small club. When I walked into the room, I noticed there were a whole lot more people that loved math.   ✏   Cesia

Have you ever been to a math program where you do more than just learn math? UCI Math Club is the best. It is such an amazing place. UCI helped me so much. It has influenced me to learn more about math, to keep going to school and to get a college degree. It taught me how to work with others and help others. Going to UCI also will help me with my future career, because I want to be a construction worker and because we use math every day. I saw a career presentation that talks about Urban Designer and I could notice how much math they need! When you go to UCI you get to meet professors and students from UCI, they become your friends and we have a great time learning math. [...] While learning you are having fun, awesome no?   ✏   Daniela

The way the UCI math club has influenced me is that math will never get easier, but if you keep trying and trying it won’t feel hard at all. One thing that they taught me was that the way to do good in math is that you can’t let other people do the work for and you just pretend to understand it. [...] They also help understand that math is used in every job from making a dress or building a robot. They made a power point every meeting we went there. It told what job it was and what it did. Then it would say the required of skill or degree it would take to become this particular job.   ✏   Juan

UCI math has influenced me in a way that I have been growing and growing in my Mathematics. It has helped my MAP score go off the charts. I am so glad I made the smart choice to go. My future career is business, so that will help me because business usually involves lots of money. It can also help me with mortgages and buying a house. What I am saying is you need Math for all kinds of situations. What was the most memorable moment for me was when I got to take the whole day in UCI it was the funniest thing I have done so far.   ✏   Jose