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Testimonials from Teachers

The following are testimonials received from teachers. Please share your feedback by emailing us at   mathceo@math.uci.edu

[From a teacher] UCI Math CEO has touched and changed lives of numerous Lathrop students. I met Jocelyne the first day she started 6th grade. She was very shy and told me she could not do math. She was very sweet, but very insecure. Jocelyne joined UCI Math CEO without knowing that her life would be changed forever. Every Wednesday she went to UCI she was excited and started trusting herself. She worked hard, collaborated in groups, and little by little her confidence and knowledge grew. When Juan got scared and cried, he said he would stay in the club, but only if he could be in Jocelyne’s group. WOW! The little shy girl provided support for a boy whose math level and confidence were much higher than her. This year as a seventh grader, Jocelyne was placed in Math Honors class. The placement in the highest level math class made her mom and her extremely happy and her mom’s face was shining as she told me thank you for all that was provided to her daughter the previous year. A week ago Jocelyne walked in my classroom and looked worried. It turned out she needs braces, but the only time her mom can take her to the orthodontist is on Wednesdays during the UCI Math Club. She knows she needs braces, but she also wants to make sure she stays in the club. I had to assure her that she can still actively participate in the club while getting her braces. It is great that the club also meets on Thursdays this year, so when Jocelyne has a dentist appointment, she will not miss on her UCI experience.