On distribution of well-rounded lattices in the plane

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Professor Lenny Fukshansky
Claremont College
Tue, 03/02/2010 - 2:00pm
RH 306

A lattice of rank N is called well-rounded (abbreviated WR) if its minimal vectors span R^N. WR lattices are extremely important for discrete optimization problems. In this
talk, I will discuss the distribution of WR lattices in R^2, specifically concentrating
on WR sublattices of Z^2. Studying the structure of the set C of similarity classes of
these lattices, I will show that elements of C are in bijective correspondence with
certain ideals in Gaussian integers, and will construct an explicit parametrization of
lattices in each such similarity class by elements in the corresponding ideal. I will
then use this parameterization to investigate some basic analytic properties of zeta
function of WR sublattices of Z^2.