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Professor Richard Schoen awarded the 2017 Wolf Prize in Mathematics

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Professor Richard Schoen, the Excellence in Teaching Chair in the Department of Mathematics at UCI, has been awarded the 2017 Wolf Prize in Mathematics (AMS announcement). The 2017 award will be shared with Charles Fefferman from Princeton. Professor Schoen is receiving the award for his contributions to geometric analysis and the understanding of the interconnectedness of partial differential equations and differential geometry. 
Professor Schoen has achieved many distinctions in his career, including MacArthur Fellowship, Bôcher Memorial Prize by the American Mathematical Society, and plenary speaker (twice) at the International Congress of Mathematicians. He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

The Wolf Prize is an international award granted in Israel by the Wolf Foundation "to outstanding scientists and artists...for achievements in the interest  of mankind and friendly relations among peoples.” The Wolf Prize is one of the most prestigious awards in each of the fields it is awarded.

More information about the Wolf Prize is available at and the Wolf Prize in Mathematics at