Cryptography Learning Seminar

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Nathan Kaplan and Shahed Sharif
Mon, 05/01/2017 - 3:00pm
RH 440R

The May 1 meeting will include Nathan continuing the topic from last time, and Shahed discussing the topic below. Suggestions for things to read before the seminar are also given below.

Shahed's abstract:
We will cover the basics of quantum computation, with the goal of understanding Shor's algorithm and, eventually, the Hidden Subgroup Problem as applied to computation of unit groups. Please read the documents linked from the seminar webpage (, especially the paper titled QCPrerequisites.pdf:

Addendum to Shahed's abstract:

I will not assume any of the material in the reading. The specific
sections I will be covering, which you are encouraged to read, are

• Prerequisites paper, sections 1 and 2;
• Lecture 3;
• Lecture 5, sections 1 and 2; and
• Lecture 6, section 1.

5.3 and 6.3 may be worthwhile reading, but I will likely not cover them.

My notes will soon be posted on my webpage.