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Name Contact Position Research Areas
Nathan Kaplan
540C Rowland Hall
(949) 824-5379
Faculty Algebra and Number Theory
Arash Karami
419 Rowland Hall
Mikhail Karpukhin
510W Rowland Hall
Visiting Assistant Professors
Seyedkamyar Kazemi
480 Rowland Hall
Graduate Student
Jinsu Kim
440N Rowland Hall
Postdoctoral Scholars
Abel Klein
340K Rowland Hall
(949) 824-5817
Faculty Mathematical Physics
Hannah Knight
480 Rowland Hall
Graduate Student
Kameran R. Kolahi
540W Rowland Hall
Graduate Student Logic and Foundations
Natalia Komarova
540J Rowland Hall
(949) 824-1268
Faculty Applied and Computational Mathematics, Mathematical and Computational Biology, Mathematics of Complex Social Phenomena
Louis Komzsik
530 Rowland Hall
Lecturers Applied and Computational Mathematics
Caixia Kou
533 Rowland hall
Visiting Researchers
Siran Kousherian
340D Rowland Hall
(949) 824-5502
Joseph Kramer-Miller
510V Rowland Hall
Visiting Assistant Professors
Jesse Kreger
410W Rowland Hall
Graduate Student
Jason Kronewetter
473 Rowland Hall
(949) 824-7617
Katya Krupchyk
510H Rowland Hall
(949) 824-8778
Faculty Analysis and Partial Differential Equations, Inverse Problems and Imaging