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Name Contact Position Research Areas
Timmy Ma
532 Rowland Hall
Graduate Student Mathematics of Complex Social Phenomena
Yumei Ma
440N Rowland Hall
Visiting Researchers
Adam MacLean
540R Rowland Hall
(949) 824-3217
Penelope Maddy
759 Social Science Tower
(949) 824-1520
Affiliated Faculty
Mohammad Mamum
431 Rowland Hall
Graduate Student
Edward Martinez
480 Rowland Hall
Graduate Student
Floyd Maseda
410T Rowland Hall
Graduate Student
Vlad Matei
540N Rowland Hall
Visiting Assistant Professors Algebra and Number Theory
Donna M. McConnell
340C Rowland Hall
(949) 824-5544
Lina Meinecke
540P Rowland Hall
(949) 824-3217
Eric D. Mjolsness
6082 Bren Hall
(949) 824-3533
Affiliated Faculty
Alex Mramor
540W Rowland Hall
Graduate Student Geometry and Topology