Past Seminars- Colloquium

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  • Qi Cheng
    Thu May 20, 2004
    4:00 pm
    For an error-correcting code and a distance bound, the list decoding problem is to compute all the codewords within the given distance to a received message. The bounded distance decoding problem, is to find one codeword if there exists one or more codewords within the given distance, or to output the empty set if there does not. In this talk,...
  • Prof, Mark Vishik
    Thu Feb 5, 2004
    4:00 pm
    The lecture will cover the following topics: 1. Global attractor for an autonomous evolution equation. Examples. between the attractor and the family of complete solutions. 2. Fractal dimension of a global attractor. Examples. 3. Nonautonomous evolution equations and corresponding processes. Uniform global attractor of a process. 4. Global...
  • Prof. Marshall Slemrod
    Thu Jan 29, 2004
    4:00 pm
    This talk outlines recent work by Feldman, Ha, and Slemrod on the dynamics of the sheath boundary layer which occurs in a plasma consisting of ions and electrons. The equations for the motion are derived from the classical Euler- Poisson equations. Of particular interest is that the boundary layer interface moves via motion by mean curvature where...
  • Prof. C. Teleman
    Thu Dec 11, 2003
    11:00 am
    The notion of topological field theory has stymied topologists partly because it assigns to spaces quantities that are multiplicative under disjoint union; traditional homological or homotopical constructions are additive. In this talk I will survey how the use of an old "multiplicative" object in topology ("the spectrum of units" in the class of...
  • Prof. David Nualart
    Thu Nov 6, 2003
    4:00 pm
    In this talk, he will discuss the regularization effect of the noise in ordinary and partial differential equations. The main results are the existence and uniqueness of strong solutions for nonlinear equations when the drift coefficient is not Lipschitz. The proofs of these results are based on the Girsanov transformation of measure. Some recent...
  • Prof. S. Venakides
    Thu Oct 16, 2003
    4:00 pm
    The NLS equation describes solitonic transmission in fiber optic communication and is generically encountered in propagation through nonlinear media. One of its most important aspects is its modulational instability: regular wavetrains are unstable to modulation and break up to more complicated structures. The IVP for the NLS equation is solvable...