Past Seminars- Conference

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  • Whitfield Diffie
    Mon Sep 17, 2018
    5:00 pm
    PUBLIC LECTURE The 1970s saw an explosion in the development of cryptography that vastly expanded the role of number theory in cryptography. Now, that role stands threatened by developments in quantum computing.  We will trace cryptography from its origins to its explosive growth in the 20th century and its contemporary...
  • various speakers
    Mon Sep 17, 2018 - Fri Sep 21, 2018
    9:00 am
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  • Various Speakers
    Mon Mar 12, 2018
    6:15 pm
    Are you interested in a teaching career at the college level? Teaching positions are found at a variety of academic institutions that include research universities, teaching universities, liberal art colleges, as well as community and private colleges. What are the expectations at these different type of institutions? What are the...
  • Rachel Pries
    Sat Oct 1, 2016
    11:30 am
    We prove a result about the Galois module structure of the Fermat curve using commutative algebra, number theory, and algebraic topology. Specifically, we extend work of Anderson about the action of the absolute Galois group of a cyclotomic field on a relative homology group of the Fermat curve. By finding explicit formulae for this action, we...
  • Chantal David
    Sat Oct 1, 2016
    10:00 am
    We investigate in this talk the average root number (i.e. sign of the functional equa- tion) of one-parameter families of elliptic curves (i.e elliptic curves over Q(t), or elliptic surfaces over Q). For most one-parameter families of elliptic curves, the aver- age root number is predicted to be 0. Helfgott showed that under Chowla’s...
  • 4 lectures
    Sat Oct 1, 2016
    9:30 am
    Southern California Number Theory Day
    Sat Oct 18, 2014
    10:00 am