Past Seminars- Conference

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  • Mathematical Systems Biology - Spatial Dynamics an Qing Nie
    Thu Feb 28, 2008
    9:00 am
    Mathematical Systems Biology - Spatial Dynamics and Growth and Signaling
  • Prof Chuu-Lian Terng and Zhiqin Lu
    Sat Feb 2, 2008
    12:00 pm
    XVth Southern California Geometric Analysis Seminar
  • Audrey Terras
    Sat Oct 27, 2007
    4:00 pm
    I will present an introduction to zeta and L-functions of graphs by comparison with the zeta and L-functions of number theory. Basic properties will be discussed, including: the Ihara formula saying that the zeta function is the reciprocal of a polynomial. I will then explore graph analogs of the Riemann hypothesis, the prime number theorem,...
  • Chandrashekhar Khare
    Sat Oct 27, 2007
    2:30 pm
    I will spend most of the time formulating Serre's conjecture and explaining some of its applications: for instance, it implies Artin's conjecture for 2-dimensional odd complex representations of the absolute Galois group of Q. I will sketch some of the main ideas in the recent proof of the conjecture in joint work with Wintenberger, as completed...
  • Elena Mantovan
    Sat Oct 27, 2007
    11:30 am
    In the case of good reduction, smooth integral models for Shimura varieties of PEL type have been constructed by Faltings and Chai. In my talk I'll describe how their construction can be extended to the cases of bad reduction at unramified primes, and discuss the geometry of the resulting spaces. A useful tool in this context is provided by the...
  • Vinayak Vatsal
    Sat Oct 27, 2007
    10:00 am
    It has been known since Euler that the values of the Riemann zeta function at negative integers are certain rational numbers, namely the Bernoulli numbers Bk. Similarly, the values of Dirichlet L-functions at s=0 are related to class numbers of certain number fields. These are simple instances of a common phenomenon, namely that the values of L-...
  • Sat Oct 27, 2007
    9:30 am
    Southern California Number Theory Day, 10:00-5:00