Past Seminars- Image Processing

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  • Ye Duan
    Thu Jun 7, 2012
    11:00 am
    Abstract: In this talk we will present our recent work on 3D LIDAR point clouds compression. The new algorithm is based on the idea of compression by classification. It utilizes the unique height function simplicity as well as the local spatial coherence and linearity of the aerial LIDAR data and can automatically compress the data to the desired...
  • Allyson Butler and Grant Martin
    Wed Mar 28, 2012
    10:00 am
    The topics covered will include: Working with files & live sources Pre-processing Blob/point detection, feature extraction, and matching techniques Video Motion analysis with Optical flow, and block matching Video stabilization and stereo image rectification Classification algorithms to recognize image content Video...
  • Yifei Lou
    Thu Mar 8, 2012
    11:00 am
    In this talk, I will present two deblurring methods, one exploits the spatial interactions in images, i.e. the self-similarity; and the other explicitly takes into account the sparse characteristics of natural images and does not entail solving a numerically ill-conditioned backward-diffusion. In particular, the self-similarity is defined by a...
  • Melissa Tong
    Thu Feb 16, 2012
    11:00 am
    Magneto-Resonance (MR) images are believed to have Rician distributed noise. In this talk, we propose two variational models involving total variation (TV) regularization to denies images corrupted by Rician distributed noise. For the first model, we implement the L2 and Sobolev H1 gradient descent methods in our numerical simulations on...
  • Prashant Athavale
    Tue Nov 2, 2010
    4:00 pm
    In this talk we will discuss various aniosotropic PDEs. We will then discuss integro-differential equations inspired from (BV, L2) and (BV, L1) decompositions. Although the original motivation came from a variational approach, the resulting IDEs can be extended using standard techniques from PDE-based image processing. We use filtering, edge...