Past Seminars- Mathematical and Computational Biology

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  • Professor Yongtao Zhang
    Wed Oct 14, 2009
    3:00 pm
    Major outstanding questions regarding vertebrate limb development concern how the numbers of skeletal elements along the proximodistal (P-D) and anteroposterior (A-P) axes are determined and how the shape of a growing limb affects skeletal element formation. Recently [Alber etal., The morphostatic limit for a model of skeletal pattern formation in...
  • Prof. Chaoping Chen
    Mon May 18, 2009
    11:00 am
    The HIV-1 Gag protein is encoded by the viral genome and is initially synthesized as a 55 kD polypeptide in the infected cell. It carries essential determinants that mediate its association with cellular membranes and Gag-Gag interactions leading to assembly and production of progeny virions that contain about 1500 copies of Gag protein. The...