Week of December 10, 2017

Sun Dec 10, 2017
5:00pm - NS 1201 - Mathematical Physics
Anton Kapustin - (Caltech)
Exact bosonization in two spatial dimensions and a new class of lattice gauge theories

We describe a 2d analog of the Jordan-Wigner transformation which maps an arbitrary fermionic system on a 2d lattice to a lattice gauge theory while preserving the locality of the Hamiltonian. When the space is simply-connected, this bosonization map is an equivalence. We describe several examples of 2d bosonization, including free fermions on square and honeycomb lattices and the Hubbard model. We describe Euclidean actions for the corresponding lattice gauge theories and find that they contains Chern-Simons-like terms.

Mon Dec 11, 2017
10:00am - Natural Sciences II, Room 1201 - Advancement to Candidacy Examination
Daniel Bergman - (University of California, Irvine - Department of Mathematics)
A Multiscale Model of the Paradoxical Roles of the Immune System in EMT-Mediated Cancer
Thu Dec 14, 2017
2:00pm - Rh 340P - Mathematical Physics
Yunfeng Shi - (Fudan University)
Spectral gaps for quasi-periodic Schrodinger operators with Liouville frequencies III

We consider the spectral gaps of quasi-periodic Schrodinger operators with Liouville frequencies. By establishing quantitative reducibility of the associated Schrodinger cocycle,  we show that the size of the spectral gaps decays exponentially. This is a joint work with Wencai Liu.