Der Artinsche Ring

by Alice Silverberg

Devised in Erlangen, November 19, 1999

32-bar Jig for 3 couples

1-8		1's, 2's, and 3's grand chain: 1's cross to begin,
                while 2's and 3's change places on the sidelines;

9-16 1's and 2's rights and lefts;
17-20 1's turn by the right and cast off (or spin turn into second place);
21-24 all set and point, taking hands on the sides;
25-32 2's, 1's, and 3's circle round and back

This dance is a close relative of Der Noethersche Ring. Mathematically speaking, an Artinian Ring is a ring where every descending chain of ideals terminates. Emil Artin was a 20-th century mathematician who spent his career in Germany and the USA.