Labs should be in PDF format with all figures, code, and any other materials included. The filename should follow the recipe lab#_(lastname)(firstinitial).pdf, without the parentheses. Also, make sure to include an email address I can return your graded labs to.

The labs are due at the beginning the next lab unless noted otherwise.


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Week 7

lab 7

Week 6

lab 6

Week 4

lab 4
Markov chain text generator (for fun)

If you're looking for a fun summer opportunity that involves mathematics and biology, the Eco-Informatics Summer Institute (EISI) has extended its application deadline to February 8th and seems to be desperate for applications. I participated in this program as an undergrad and absolutely loved it. More info can be found here.

Week 1

lab 1

You may have noticed that the equation for $I_t$ in the lab was different than the one Fred derived in class. This is because there was a pretty egregious typo in the lab. Sorry about that! It the equation was correct in the code, so don't worry too much about it if you didn't catch it. The correct equation is $$I_t = \frac{3}{4}\left[I_t + \frac{1}{2}\color{red}{I_t}\color{black}(1-I_t/20)\right].$$