Math 121B Linear Algebra, Fall 2005

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Instructor Professor Daqing Wan MSTB 279 WF 11-11:50 and by appointment 949-824-7013

Lecture: MWF 2-2:50 at RH 114.
Textbook: Linear Algebra by Friedberg-Insel-Spence (4-th Edition)
Grader: Mr. Su Zhao,
TA: Mr. Elyus Gwin,

Syllabus: Chapters 5-7.

The final grade of this course will be based on:

The exams will consist of problems similar to, but different from the
problems/examples in the book and in the lectures. In this course, we will learn to read and use definitins, to write good proofs and to do noncomputational problems.

Homework Problems

Chapter 5 (Sept. 23, Review of 121A)
Chapter 7
Chapter 6

  • Midterm Exam: Friday October 28.

  • Final Exam: Sunday December 4, 10-12, Room RH 114.