David Wiygul (/'waɪgəl/)
Lecturer and Assistant Specialist
Department of Mathematics
University of California, Irvine
Rowland Hall 510W

I'm a postdoc at UC Irvine, working in geometric analysis and supervised by Rick Schoen. Before coming to UCI I got my PhD at Brown University, under Nicos Kapouleas. I'm particularly interested in minimal surfaces (especially gluing constructions) and general relativity (especially quasilocal mass).

Teaching and office hours

I'm currently teaching Math 3A, UCI's introduction to linear algebra.

Winter quarter office hours:
MW 3:30-5:30, F 4:30-6,
and by appointment

Publications and preprints

  • Free-boundary minimal surfaces with connected boundary in the 3-ball by tripling the equatorial disc, with Nicos Kapouleas, preprint

  • Minimal surfaces in the 3-sphere by desingularizing intersecting Clifford tori, with Nicos Kapouleas, preprint

  • The Bartnik-Bray outer mass of small metric spheres in time-symmetric 3-slices, Communications in Mathematical Physics, 358 (2018), no. 1, 269–293

  • Minimal surfaces in the 3-sphere by stacking Clifford tori, preprint