Publications and Preprints

Einstein Four Manifolds with Pinched Sectional Curvature

(with X. Cao) In Preparation. Abstract, Pdf

Index Characterization for Free Boundary Minimal Surfaces

Submitted. Abstract, Pdf

On Closed Manifolds with Harmonic Weyl Curvature

Submitted. Abstract, Pdf

Complete Manifolds with Bounded Curvature and Spectral Gaps

(With Richard Schoen) J. Differential. Equations., 261(4): 2584-2606, 2016. Abstract, Pdf

The Weyl Tensor Of Gradient Ricci Solitons

(With Xiaodong Cao) Geom. Topol.,20(1): 389-436, 2016. Abstract, Pdf

Harnack Estimates for Conjugate Heat Kernel on Evolving Manifolds

(With Xiaodong Cao and Hongxin Guo) Math. Z., 281 (1-2): 201-214, 2015. Abstract, Pdf

Heat Kernel Estimates under the Ricci-Harmonic Map Flow

(With Mihai Bailesteanu) Proc. Edinb. Math. Soc., to appear. Abstract, Pdf

Mean Value Inequalities and Conditions to Extend Ricci Flow

(With Xiaodong Cao) Math. Res. Lett., 22(2): 417-438, 2015. Abstract, Pdf

Harnack Estimates for Ricci Flow on a Warped Product

J. Geom. Anal., 26(3): 1838-1862, 2016. Abstract, Pdf

Aspect of the Ricci Flow

PhD Thesis, 2014. Abstract,

Isoperimetric regions in the plane with density r^p

(With Jonathan Dahlberg, Alexander Dubbs, and Edward Newkirk) New York J. Math., 16:31-51, 2010. Abstract, Pdf