Past Teaching


Fall 2016: Math 2A (Calculus)

Summer 2016: Math 2D (Multivariable Calculus)

Spring 2016: Math 161 (Modern Geometry)

Winter 2016: Math 161 (Modern Geometry)

Fall 2015: Math 121A (Linear Algebra)

Summer 2015: Math 2B (Calculus)

Spring 2015: Math 161 (Modern Geometry)

Winter 2015: Math 120A (Introduction to Group Theory)

Fall 2014: Math 3A (Linear Algebra)

Cornell University

Summer 2014: Math 1910 (Calculus for Engineers)

Fall 2012: Math 1120 (2nd Standard Calculus)

Spring 2013: Math 1106 (Calculus for Life Sciences)

TA and Grading

Intro to PDE, Into to Manifolds, Numerical Analysis, Abstract Algebra, Intro to Topology, Complex Analysis.

Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Developmental Economics, International Finance.