Jan 06, 2018

Data-set of 90k electronic music loops

Technoset is a data-set of 90,933 electronic music loops, totalling around 50 hours. Each loop has a length of 1.827-seconds and is at 128bpm. The loops are from 10,000 separate electronic music tracks.

I used this data-set in my Eigentechno post, where I analyzed the data using principal component analysis. I am making it available to anyone who wishes to play with it. Please let me know if you use this data in a project/post and I will list it here.

The data-set has the Creative Commons License CC-BY (link). track credits are available as part of the download.

Preparation: Electronic music can vary a lot in tempo. Since I wanted the loops to all have the same length, I changed the tempo of each track to to the median tempo using soundstretch. The median tempo of the tracks was 128 beats per minute. After this, I extracted multiple 1-bar, 1.827-second loops from each track. Ending up with 90,933 short files.


128bpm_1bar.tar.gz (archive of 44100Hz .wav files, 14GB)
loops_8820hz.h5 (8820Hz versions stored in HDF5 format)