Southern California Number Theory Day

Saturday, October 27, 2007 at UC Irvine

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Fire Update

Wednesday, October 24, 5:00pm: The conference is still on. Although the Santiago Canyon fire is only about 10 miles from UCI, it is not a threat to the campus or any of the access roads to campus. The only problem is that the air quality is currently poor; the winds are supposed to change and hopefully that will improve the air by Saturday.


  9:30-10:00       refreshments
10:00-11:00   Vinayak Vatsal (University of British Columbia), Special values of L functions modulo p
11:00-11:30       break
11:30-12:30   Elena Mantovan (Caltech), Integral models for toroidal compactifications of Shimura varieties
12:30-  2:30       lunch break
  2:30-  3:30   Chandrashekhar Khare (UCLA), Serre's conjecture
  3:30-  4:00       break
  4:00-  5:00   Audrey Terras (UCSD), Fun with zeta and L-functions of graphs
  6:00   dinner at Hokkaido Restaurant (see below)

Registration: There is no registration fee, but in order to plan for refreshments and for the dinner, we need to know who is coming. Please register in advance if possible.

Location: McDonnell Douglas Engineering Auditorium, on the UCI campus (building 311, located at G/H8 on this map). This is the same location as last year, but not in the Mathematics building. There is construction west of the auditorium building, so it is preferable to approach the auditorium from the south or east.

Dinner: Dinner will be at the Hokkaido Restaurant, a Japanese & Chinese buffet, at 6pm. Cost will be $20/person ($10 for students) total, including the buffet, soft drinks, tax and tip (pay at the restaurant). You must register for the dinner. Hokkaido is located at 4200 Scott Dr, Newport Beach, about 10 minutes (by car) from the UCI campus.

Driving directions and parking:

From the north: Take I-405 to 73 south, and exit at Bison (there is no toll, despite the confusing signs).
From the south: Take I-5 to 73 north, and exit 73 at Bison (this part of 73 is a toll road).

Take Bison east into campus. Now there are two options:

(option 1, recommended):
Turn right at East Peltason. Continue on East Peltason (past the Mathematics department), and turn left at Anteater Drive into the Anteater Parking Structure (APS on the map). You can buy a parking permit from the machine at the entrance to the parking structure. Walk to the McDonnell Douglas Auditorium.
(option 2):
Continue straight ahead to Lot 16 (see map). You can buy a parking permit from the machine at the entrance to Lot 16. Then you can drive through lot 16 and park in Lot 12B, in front of the Mathematics building. Walk to the McDonnell Douglas Auditorium.

To park on campus you will need to purchase a parking permit. Parking is $7 (or maybe $5, nobody seems to know) for the full day, payable in 5, 10, or 25 cent coins, or $1 or $5 bills (exact change required). Quarter or annual parking permits from other UC campuses are honored at UCI.

Group photos: #1, #2, #3

Questions? e-mail Karl Rubin

Organizing committee: Karl Rubin, Alice Silverberg