Southern California Number Theory Day

Saturday, October 24-25, 2015 at CSU Fullerton

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The Fall 2015 Southern California Number Theory Day will be a Special Session of the AMS Fall Western Sectional Meeting at California State University, Fullerton, October 24-25, 2015.


Saturday, October 24, morning session
8:00-8:20:  Jaclyn A. Lang, Images of Galois representations associated to Hida families
8:30-8:50:  Stephan Ramon Garcia, The graphic nature of Gaussian periods
9:00-9:40:  Kenneth A. Ribet, The Eisenstein ideal and the cuspidal group
10:00-10:40:  Adebisi Agboola, Relative Galois module structure of rings of integers in tame extensions

Saturday, October 24, afternoon session
3:00-3:40:  Daniel A. Goldston, Sums and Differences of Pairs of Primes
4:00-4:40:  Mirela Ciperiani, Supersingular elliptic curves over Zp-extensions
5:00-5:40:  Sug Woo Shin, From Langlands-Rapoport conjecture to cohomology of Shimura varieties

Sunday, October 25, morning session
8:00-8:20:  Amita Malik, Sporadic Apery-like sequences in the p-adic universe
8:30-8:50:  Cindy Tsang, On the Galois Module Structure of the Square Root of the Inverse Different in Abelian Extensions
9:00-9:40:  Xinyi Yuan, On the Averaged Colmez Conjecture
10:00-10:40:  Nathan Kaplan, Rational Point Counts for Varieties over Finite Fields

Registration: There is a registration fee for the AMS meeting.


Room 2405, Steven G. Mihaylo Hall, on the CSU Fullerton campus

Travel support: Some travel funding is available for participants, with preference given to graduate students and postdocs. We also encourage applications from members of under-represented groups. If you would like to apply for funding, please contact Alice Silverberg with a CV and an itemized estimate of expenses. We strongly encourage carpooling.

Dinner: There will be a dinner Saturday evening, at El Torito, 1474 North Kraemer, Placentia, CA 92870, at 6:30.


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Questions? e-mail Karl Rubin

Organizing committee: Christopher Lyons Karl Rubin, Alice Silverberg

This conference is supported by NSF grant DMS-1064510 and by the UCI Thorp Chair endowment.