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The research projects I have been working on include Computational Fluid Dynamics (Hele-Shaw problem), Crystal Growth and Nanostructure Patterning in thin films. These are typical examples of systems driven out of equilibrium. The pattern formation in such systems is very intriguing and challenging. The primary, long-term goal of my research is to develop numerical tools capable of simulating the evolution of these non-equilibrium systems and predicting the evolving morphologies. Of particular interest to me is to design a strategy to precisely control the pattern shape and evolving interfacial instabilities, such as Mullins-Sekerka type instability. I also work with experimentalist to verify my numerical findings.



Hele-Shaw flow and Crystal Growth


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Isotropic surface tension: the repeated tip splitting leads the evolving shape to ramified, fractal-like structures.



Anisotropic surface tension: the repeated side branching leads the evolving shape to dendritic, tree-like structures.

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Controlling the driving force (Flux Const. C) leads the evolution to a variety of universal, self-similarly evolving, limiting shapes.




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The universal shapes are independent of their initial configurations, see the above 6-fold shape for instance.

Nanostructure Pattern Formation


Under Construction


Example evolution movies


v  A ramified shape


v  A 6-fold symmetric shape


v  A 7-fold symmetric shape


v  A 8-fold symmetric shape




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