The Department of Mathematics of UC Irvine and International Press announce the 1998 IP Conference on
Motives, Polylogarithms and Nonabelian Hodge Theory
UC Irvine, June 4-6, 1998

This year the Conference is honoring the twentieth anniversary of the famous 1977 Irvine lectures of Spencer Bloch on ``Higher regulators, algebraic K-theory and zeta functions of elliptic curves''. By gathering researchers working on the topics that stemmed out of Bloch's pioneering work the Conference aims to present some of the best recent research in algebraic K-theory, Hodge theory, motivic cohomology and polylogarithms.


Sponsors: The Conference is sponsored by the National Science Foundation, UC Irvine and International Press. Limited support is available. Graduate students and young PHD's are especially encouraged to apply. If you are interested please send an email to:

The registration fee will be $ 20.

Proceedings: A Proceedings volume will be published by International Press.

Organized by: M.Fried (UC Irvine), L. Katzarkov (UC Irvine), T. Pantev (UPenn), W. Raskind (USC), C. Simpson (University of Toulouse), V. Voevodsky (Northwestern), R. Wentworth (UC Irvine).

Location: Department of Mathematics, UC Irvine, Irvine, California, 92697-3875 USA.

Banquet: There will be a banquet on June 5-th. Please let us know if you are interested.

Accomodations: We ask that each participant make their own accommodation arrangements. A special conference rate has been arranged with the Atrium Marquis Hotel- next to John Wayne airport. To make a reservation call 1-800-854-3012 or (714) 883-2770 and reference UCI for $ 79 per night. Atrium Marquis Hotel offers a free shuttle to UCI.

How to get here:

You need to fly to John Wayne airport Santa Ana - SNA.

DIRECTIONS DIRECTLY TO THE CONFERENCE: Park in Parking lot 12 or 16 (behind the Physical Sciences Classroom Building PSCB) in the back of the UCI campus. If you are coming from USC, UCLA, or from LAX, you would get here by going south on 405.

SOUTH FROM LA ON 405 (San Diego Freeway, say, from LAX) or 110 (Harbor Freeway, say from USC): From 405 near the Irvine area, take 73 South, going all the way to Bison Ave. (South of the Jamboree, University and Macarthur exits, directly after the last of these).

Get off to the left to Peltason drive. On Peltason turn right to the area of the physical sciences complex. Turn left at the next stop sign after the light.

DIRECTIONS DIRECTLY TO THE ATRIUM MARQUIS HOTEL: 405 South to the area of Irvine. Go PAST where 73 meets 405. Get off at Macarthur, and go South (toward the ocean--left) passing the John Wayne airport on your right. The Atrium Marquis Hotel is directly and conspicuously across the street from the airport.

TO THE CAMPUS FROM THE HOTEL: Go South again on Macarthur, turning left out of the hotel driveway (you may have to go right first, and then u-turn back). Turn left on Campus drive, going past University Drive, until you are driving in front of the campus. The last entrance to the campus is Berkeley. Take it to the right into the campus. There is a Kiosk for getting parking tickets there.