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Nov 26, 2007

Ramification theory for local fields with imperfect residue fields (Version Oct 20, 2008)
This is a summary of my two papers On Ramification Filtrations and p-adic Differential Equations, I, II . In this note, I focus on setting up the framework of the proof, without diving into the technical details. I hope this make the two papers more accessible. The introductory part was from a talk I gave in STAGE.

May 7, 2007

Semistable reduction of overconvergent F-isocrystals
This was a series of talks I gave in STAGE. I sketched Kedlaya's approach to the semistable reduction conjecture for overconvergent F-isocrystals.

Apr 18, 2006

An introduction to algebraic fundamental groups
This was a talk given in BAGS (Baby Algebraic Geometry Seminar). I sketched some material from Murre's book on fundamental groups.

Mar 24, 2006

Notes on p-divisible groups
This was a talk given in STAGE (Seminar on Topics of Arithmetic Geometry and Etc). I talked about Tate's paper on p-divisible groups.