Fall 2018 Mentors

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Yueyue Chen

Yueyue Chen studies business economics and enjoys movies and cooking.

Melanie Dachaurer

Melanie Dachauer studies physics and enjoys cooking, swimming, and drawing.

Evalyn Easdale


Anna Flowers

Anna Flowers studies physics and enjoys drawing, playing piano, and baking.

Barsha Gautam


Tong Ge

Tong Ge is still undecided in what he wants to study but Tong does know that she likes Youtube, kpop, anime, Netflix, cosmology, and the color purple.

Alex Gloudeman


Fred Le

Fred Le studies mathematics and education. Fred enjoys cooking, playing video games, baking, lion dancing, and attending festival. He has a very strong opposition towards glucose.

Caitlin Lee

Caitlin Lee studies biology and enjoys traveling, exercising, and spending time with friends and family. As of fall 2018, this is her 3rd quarter doing Math CEO.

Ben Li


Jasper Liang


Brenda Lieu

Brenda Lieu studies mechanical engineering and enjoys reading, coloring, and eating. Brenda also loves Disney and hands-on activities.

Weiru Lin

Weiru studies Education Science and likes watching movies.

Ian Linzy

Ian Linzy studies physics and enjoys music and hiking.

Destiny Macias


Disha Patel

Disha Patel studies chemistry and biology and enjoys reading, baking, and playing the flute.

Jaimie Plamenco


Joy Qiao


Bruna Raeder

Bruna studies math and enjoys yoga, movies and playing board games with friends.

Namirah Said

Namirah studies education sciences and enjoys fashion modeling and singing.

Sukanya Sasmal


Jacobis Soriano

Jacobis studies electrical engineering and enjoys hiking, exercising when he has time and does not like cooking.

Stone Sharon

Sharon studies chemistry and enjoys making crafts and doodles.

Yusi Xiong

Yusi studies education sciences and likes to travel.

Wenguan Zhang


Yifan Zhang


Zhe Zhang

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Evan Zhou


Xing Gao


Yoola Lee

Yoola studies educational science.

Samantha Htike

Samantha studies education and political science and enjoys playing, tennis, hiking, and traveling. Samantha can also speak Burmese.

Manru Li

Manru Li studies education sciences and enjoys reading and watching movies.

Alexandria Sorensen

Alexandria studies biological science and enjoys cooking.

Yash Agrawal


Yulisa Jimenez

Yulisa studies applied physics and enjoys composing music and going on roller coasters.

Emmanuel Rovirosa

Emmanuel studies education sciences and enjoys hiking and coding. Emmanuel believes that everyone should watch the movie “Good Will Hunting”.

Yexin Wang

Yexin studies education science and enjoys traveling.

Lora Weiss

Lora studies applied mathematics. Lora enjoys movies, sports, and reading.

Jenny Benetatos

Jenny Benetatos studies math and enjoys playing volleyball, reading, watching movies, and learning new languages.