Program Description

The MCBU program provides interdisciplinary training and research opportunities for undergraduates in problems at the interface of mathematics, biology and computational science. MCBU has two main program components:

1) undergraduate degree programs specializing in mathematics for biological sciences
2) summer undergraduate research experiences in paired teams of mathematics and biology students co-advised by mathematics and biology faculty
The program is intended for UCI undergraduate students who will return to their current program studies at UCI the following academic year. All majors and undeclared students may participate, with special preference being given to Mathematics and Biological Sciences students. At least one of Math 113A, Math 113B and Math 115 should be taken prior to participating in the summer research program. More than one is highly recommended.

Degree Programs:

UCI has two special degree programs designed for students interested in mathematics applications to biological sciences.

Mathematics Major Specialization in "Mathematical Biology"

Intended for Mathematics majors with strong interest in Biological Sciences.
Lower-Division Requirements:
A. Mathematics 2A-B, 2D, 3A, 3D, and 13.
B. One course selected from: Information and Computer Science 21, Engineering E10, Engineering EECS10,
EECS12, Engineering MAE10, or Physics 53.
C. Biology 93 and Biology 94.
D. Two courses selected from:
Chemistry 1A, Chemistry 1B, Physics 2, Physics 7C, Physics 7D, Biology 97.
Upper-Division Requirements: 
A. Ten required lecture courses: Mathematics 105A-B (plus 105LA-LB), 112A-B, 113A-B, 115, 121A, and 140A-B. 
B. A two-quarter sequence chosen from Mathematics 131A-B, 171 A-B or any two classes from 117, 118, or 119. 
C. Three additional elective courses from Mathematics courses numbered 100-189. Up to two upper division biology
courses may be used to fulfill part of the four elective courses, with the advanced approval by the advisor for this

Mathematics Minor in "Mathematics for Biology"

Intended for Biological Sciences majors with strong interest in Mathematics.
Requirements include Mathematics 13, 113AB, 115 two courses choosen from Mathematics 105A, 112A, 117, 118, 119,
121A, 131A, 140A, plus one additional upper-division course in Mathematics numbered 100-189

Summer Research Experience:

Students who have completed Math 113A, Math 113B and/or Math 115 course (or have obtained an exception approval from a MCBU program faculty) may apply for a paid summer research position. Over the summer, students will work in paired teams to investigate a biology research problem utilizing a combination of laboratory experiments and computational and mathematical analysis. In addition to the mentored research opportunity, students will learn about career opportunities in the field, tour campus biology research laboratories, learn to read research articles and improve professional presentation skills.
To apply to the MCBU Summer Research Program, please download and complete the application form.