1. I list typos and other errors as soon as I find them.
  2. When the printed pdf version or an arkiv version has errors in it, and it is easy to indicate the errors in the pdf file, I do so.
  3. I keep a file with a .cor ending on it as a separate list of the changes from the printed version of the paper. If there is such a file, it will be the last entry for that paper in the list of files in that collection.
  4. In addition to #2, I will make corrections to my original tex file, and that will be the most up-to-date clean file. (I may not, however, post it. If I do, it will be as a separate file.)
  5. In addition to #2 and #4, if there is a later related publication, I will put the typo list from #3 as an appendix in the later publication. Example: [lum-fried0611594pap.pdf, App. C] has the typos up 2007 found in [h4-0104289.pdf].
I expect others to suggest new ways it makes sense to document typos. If so, this policy statement will be adjusted to fit those suggestions.