About MGSC

Both attending students and speakers should familiarize themselves with the goals and philosophy of the mathematics graduate student colloquium (MGSC). Speakers should use these guidelines to help prepare the flavor and contents of their talks.

Intended Audience

The mathematics graduate student colloquium (MSGC) is intended for the entire UCI mathematics graduate student community. In particular, all talks aim to be accessible to a general mathematics graduate student audience. It is the goal of the MGSC to be as open and friendly to first-year graduate students as possible, as well as to students attending talks outside of their research areas.


Mindful of the current graduate seminar operated by the faculty, the MGSC organizers set out to satisfy different, unfilled needs of the graduate student community. Among the goals:

  1. The colloquium should provide the opportunity for students engaged in research to share their work with friends.
  2. The colloquium should serve as a showcase of work being done by graduate students, particularly dissertation work.
  3. The colloquium should provide an opportunity for graduate students to learn about other fields of specialty and keep up-to-date on the research occurring within the department.
  4. The colloquium should be accessible to the entire mathematics graduate student community.
  5. The colloquium should provide younger students a "safe," low-pressure environment to get accustomed to attending academic and professional talks. It should be a place where everybody feels comfortable asking questions.
  6. The colloquium should provide students with an opportunity to sharpen their presentation skills.
  7. The colloquium should expose first- and second-year graduate students to the work and work styles of various research groups in the department, thereby giving them a taste of what they, too, may be doing soon.
  8. On a related note, the talks should be motivating/inspirational in nature, in that students witness firsthand the vital role graduate students play in cutting-edge research.
  9. Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, talks should be fun and help to further build our friendly graduate student community.


Initial discussions on the goals and philosophy of the MGSC took place in the summer of 2006. Timothy Choi, John Lowengrub, and Paul Macklin greatly influenced the initial form of the colloquium. Simultaneously, Nick Alexander discussed the potential of a graduate student seminar with many graduate student colleagues. In September 2006, Nick and Paul decided to combine their efforts, and the MGSC was born.

Past Organizers

2019-2020 Jesse Kreger, Alex Sutherland, Dong Yan
2018-2019 Daniel Bergman, Kathryn Dover, Jesse Kreger, Alex Sutherland
2017-2018 Daniel Bergman, Timmy Ma
2016-2017 Karen Wood, Timmy Ma
2015-2016 Roger Dellaca
2013-2015 Mary Lee, Roger Dellaca
2012-2013 May Mei, William Yessen
2010-2011 Robert Campbell, Adam Larios, May Mei, Aaron Welters
Fall 2007 Nick Alexander, Timothy Choi, Adam Larios
Spring 2007 Nick Alexander, Timothy Choi, under the watchful eye of Paul Macklin
Winter 2007 Nick Alexander, Paul Macklin
Fall 2006 Nick Alexander, Paul Macklin

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