BOOK: Alessandra Pantano and Neil Donaldson: Math 13 - Introduction to Abstract Mathematics. A .pdf version is here and also on the main course webpage. Important: Although the material covered in the course will practically all come from the book, the order in which the material will be discussed in the class will differ from that in the book.

EXAMS:  There will be one midterm and one final. The dates are as follows.
                MIDTERM:   Monday, November 4 during the lecture time.
                FINAL:  Wednesday Dec 11, 8:00-10:00am (See WEBSOC) 
Please make sure now that you are able to participate on exams. Exceptions and make-ups will be allowed only in the case of fully documented personal emergencies.   
Problems on exams will be close to homework and quizz problems. They will be designed to test if you understand the basic notions and methods. In particular, they will not be tricky.  

RECOMMENDED PRACTICE PROBLEMS: These are not to be turned in. They are meant to be just recommended exercises to further foster your skills.

HOMEWORKS:  Homeworks will be assigned roughly once a week. They will be posted on the main course website under ``HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS". Each homework assignment will have a specified due date.
Rules for homeworks:
     (1) You can work either alone or in a group of two, it is your choice. You should not switch between working alone and working in a group of two during the quarter, so think of advantages and drawbacks of either option before you make a choice.
     (2) If you decide to form a group of two then each such group should turn in only one paper with both names on it. In this case you will get the same score for the homework.

QUIZZES:  There will be 6 - 8 quizzes. These will be given during discussions. Problems on quizzes will be close to those discussed in lectures and discussions, and to those which are recommended practice problems and homework problems.

FINAL GRADE:  The final grade will be determined based on the final, the midterm, homeworks, quizzes and participation in the discussion. These factors will have the following weights:
The lowest Quiz and the lowest Homework scores will be dropped.
The final grade will be calculated on a curve based on the points earned during the quarter. The curve is determined as follows:
   * Cutoff point for D: Mean value  minus  standard deviation
   * Cutoff point for A: Mean value plus standard deviation
   * The interval between the two cutoff points will be divided into       
       equal parts to determine the remaining grades.

NO EXTRA CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN: everyone will be evaluated based on equal criteria. 

EMERGENCIES: In case of emergency or any important issue the instructor should be notified as soon as possible.

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: Students are responsible for informing themselves of UCI's policies regarding academic dishonesty. Students found in violation of the code are subject to penalties ranging from loss of credit for work involved to F-grade in the course, and possible risk of suspension or probation. The academic dishonesty policy will be enforced in all areas of the course, including quizzes and exams. For details see: Catalogue-Appendix