1. Glance over the instructions for less experienced participants. Make sure you understand the notions of uniform Skolem functions and projecta. Also make sure you understand Topic 4 on pseudoultrapowers in the instructions for the less experienced group.

2. Here are some papers with topics I would like to go through. I will add some stuff on covering soon.

Deiser-Donder: Canonical functions, non-regular ultrafilters and Ulam's problem on \omega_1, JSL 68(3), 2003, 713-739

Gitik: On measurable cardinals violating the continuum hypothesis, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 63, 1993, 227-240

Steel: Determinancy in the Mitchell model, Annals of Mathematical Logic 22 (1992), 109-125

Martin-Steel: Proof of Projective Determinancy, Journal of American Mathematical Society 2(1), 1989, 71-125

Last modified: May 12, 2012