Math 130A (44858) - Spring 2022

Probability I

Lecturer Neil Donaldson
Office hours MW 11--1

Teaching Assistant Dingjia Mao
Office/Hours RH 440T/Online Tu 9--11

Lectures MWF 1-1:50pm MSTB 122
Notes, Exercises & Resources

Sec A1 (44859): MW 2-2:50pm DBH 1500

Course Summary, Text & Syllabus

We will cover most of chapters 1--5 of A First Course in Probability, 9th ed, by Sheldon Ross. This covers basic combinatorics, the primary discrete and continuous probability distributions, and concepts such as the expectation and conditional probability. The text is optional since all homework and sketch notes will be provided. It is, however, highly recommended that you find a copy since we will follow it fairly closely and many of the homework questions will be extracted from the text. A previous edition is advised if you don't want to pay full price! Should you take it, it is also very likely that you will need the text for 130B.
For a more detailed syllabus including sections covered and assessment dates, click here. If you are feeling a but rusty, check out the Math dept's pre-requisite videos for this class.


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