Math 140B (44736) - Fall 2021

Elementary Analysis II

Lecturer Neil Donaldson
Office hours TuTh 9:30-11:30 on Zoom: 914 0383 6604

Lectures MSTB 124 MWF 14-14:50
Notes, Exercises & Resources

Discussions SSTR 103 TuTh 15-15:50
Teaching Assistant Zhijian Li
Office Hours TBA

Course Summary, Text & Syllabus

The course follows on from 140A with more focus on the development of calculus. In particular, we study Power Series, Uniform Convergence, Differentiation and Integration of Power Series, Differentiation and the Mean Value Theorem, the Riemann Integral and the Fundamental theorem of Calculus.
We will cover most of chapters 17--36 of Elementary Analysis: The Theory of Calculus by Kenneth Ross. The book is not required, since all notes and exercises will be hosted here. The book is recommended for further detail and exercises, and it is likely the same text you used for 140A. For a more detailed syllabus including sections covered and assessment dates, click here.


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