Math 162B (45190) - Winter Quarter 2009

Introduction to Differential Geometry

Lecturer Neil Donaldson (home page)
Office Rowland Hall 410N
Office Hours After lecture MWF until we're done...
Phone 824-5508
Lecture Times MWF 9-10 MSTB 114

Discussion Session (45191) TuTh 9-10pm RH 114
Teaching Assistant Feiyue Di
Office Rowland Hall 410W
Office Hours Tu 10-11

Syllabus & Course Text The course continues on from 162A with more applications of calculus and linear algebra to the geometry surfaces. We will cover exterior calculus, moving frames, geodesics, integration and geodesic triangles, culminating in the Gauss-Bonnet theorem. 162B ties in very roughly with parts of the first 4 chapters of DoCarmo's Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces, but we will cover things in a very different style.
Homework question sheets and summary notes will be posted each week on the Homework questions site - as such there is no need to buy the book, though it will surely be a useful companion to those who want a complementing read.

Assessment The final grade for the course will be computed as follows: Final 50%, Midterm 24%, Homework 25%, Final Evaluation 1%.
Class policies These are very simple: no late homework (one will be dropped so you can forget to hand it in once without penalty), no rescheduling of the final, and no begging for me to change your grade unless it's because of a specific mistake in the grading.