Math 2E (44200) - Session II 2015

Multivariable (Vector) Calculus

Lecturer Dr. Neil Donaldson
Office RH 472
Office Hours MWF 1-2pm, or by appointment
Lecture Times MWF 11.00-12.50 SSL 228
Homework/Notes page

Discussion Sessions
Sec A1 (44201) MWF 10-10.50am HH 143
Teaching Assistant Taiji Chen
Office Hours MWF 9-10, RH 410R
Sec A2 (44202) MWF 10-10.50am ELH 110
Teaching Assistant Greg Huey
Office Hours M 1-3, F 1-2 RH 248

Make sure you attend the correct discussion class - there is limited space in each classroom and you will only have your quizzes and homework graded if you take/submit them in the correct section.

Syllabus The course follows on from Math 2D and includes the following topics: The differential and integral calculus of vector-valued functions, Line and surface integrals, Divergence and Curl, The Theorems of Green, Gauss (Divergence), and Stokes.

Course Text The course text is the UCI custom edition of James Stewart's Calculus, 7th edition. You are NOT required to buy the book as homework questions will be posted directly on the homework page, however the text will be followed closely so it will be very useful to have a copy. If you haven't already got a copy from a previous class you can probably find a previous edition second-hand; it'll really help!
For a more detailed syllabus click here

Assessment The final grade for the course will tentatively be computed as follows: 45% Final, 30% Midterm, 15% Quizzes, 10% Homework Add/Drop & Enrollment Questions
Grading/Class Policies/Expectations