Prerequisite Materials for Math 2A / 5A
  1. Exponents and Radicals
    A review of properties of exponents and radicals.

  2. Fractions and Linear Equations
    Reviews some properties and techniques related to fractions, solving linear equations, and straight lines on xy-plane.

  3. Exponential and Logarithm Functions
    A review of properties and graphs of exponential and logarithm functions.

  4. Quadratic Functions
    Reviews two ways of solving quadratic equations, and the graph of quadratic functions.

  5. Trigonometric Values
    Reviews the definitions of trigonometric functions, and using the unit circle to calculate trigonometric values.

  6. Trigonometric Functions
    Reviews the graph of sin(x), cos(x) and tan(x), and some important trigonometric identities.

  7. Composition
    Reviews the definition of function composition.

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