Prerequisite Materials for Math 2B / 5B
  1. Graphing Functions
    A review of how to graph basic functions including graph transformations and inverse functions.

  2. Trigonometry Review
    Reviews the trig functions and some relations between them. Includes functions values at certain points, the unit circle, and important trig identities.

  3. Derivatives
    A summary of the derivatives of basic functions including power rule, and some basic derivative properties.

  4. Chain Rule
    Covers how to calculate the derivative of a composition of functions.

  5. Product & Quotient Rule
    Describes how to take the derivative of a product or quotient of functions.

  6. Limits at Infinity
    This covers the end behavior of a function for large values of x, with a focus on rational functions and L’Hospital’s Rule.

  7. Sigma Notation
    Gives a brief introduction to a method for writing long sums and some beginner examples of how to work with the new notation. (Note: This is not covered in MATH 2A/5A but serves as a primer for an initial topic in MATH 2B/5B. Students are not expected to be experts on this topic. )

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