Prerequisite Materials for Math 3D
  1. Substitution Rule
    Reviews the substitution rule for evaluating indefinite integrals.

  2. Integration by Parts
    Reviews the integration by parts technique for evaluating indefinite integrals.

  3. Improper Integrals
    Covers the definition for definite integrals whose upper limit of integration is infinity, and tools for computing such integrals, including l'Hopital's Rule.

  4. Integration with Parameters
    In Math 3D there are lots of integrals with an extra variable in them. This section covers how we deal with such integrals.

  5. Linear Indepedence
    Reviews the definition for linear indepence of vectors, and extends the definition to polynomials.

  6. Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
    Reviews the definition of eigenvalues, eigenvectors and eigenspaces of a square matrix, and the algorithm to compute them.

  7. Sigma Notations
    Briefly reviews how to write sums elegantly using sigma notations, and introduces how to "shift index" for sigma notations.

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