Biology and Mechanics: Applications of Mathematics and Computation
May 25-27, 2006

Lecture room:....

Thursday,  May 25, 2005

Morning Session

8:30-9:05       Charles Steele   (Stanford University)       
                         "Some micro mechanics of hearing"
9:05-9:40        Simon Levin   (Princeton  University)
"Animal traffic"
9:40-10:15      Arthur Lander (University of California, Irvine)
10:15-10:50    Break
10:50-11:25     Robert Miura (
New Jersey Institute of Technology)
"Formation of Glass Microelectrodes "
11:25-12:00     Pin Tong (
University of California, San Diego)

12:00-1:30       Lunch  break

Afternoon Session
1:30-2:05         James Knowles (Caltech)
"On Shock Waves in Solids"
2:05-2:40         Doug Gregory (University of Manchester)
"The method of projection in scattering problems"
2:40-3:15         David Parker (University of Edinburgh)
"Shallow water waves and the Camassa-Holm equation"
3:15-3:50         Break
3:50-4:25         Brian Seymour (University of British Columbia)
"A review of acoustic resonance in closed tubes"
4:25-5:00         Michael
Mortell (University College, Cork, Ireland)
"Resonant oscillations in a closed tube containing an inhomogeneous gas"

Friday,  May 26, 2005

Morning Session

8:30-9:05         Ka-Kit Tung (University of Washington)
9:05-9:40         William  O Criminale (
University of Washington)
                            "Use of Multiscales, multitimes in shear flow stability analysis"
9:40-10:15       Byant Moodie (University of Alberta)
"Gravity Currents Arising from Variable Inflow"
10:15-10:50     Break
10:50-11:25     Inez Fung (University of California, Berkeley)
12:00-1:30       Lunch  break

Afternoon Session

1:30-2:05         Gilbert Strang (Massachusetts  Institute of  Technology)
"Minimum Cuts and Maximum Area with New Measures of Perimeter"
2:05-2:40         Tony Chan (
University of California,  Los Angels)
"Conformal mapping and image processing for brain research"
2:40-3:15         Bob O'Malley   (
(University of Washington)
3:15-3:30         Break
3:30-5:30         Conference Event

6:30-                 Receptions, Dinner (Conference banquet)

Saturday,  May 27, 2005

Morning Session

8:30-9:05         Jerry Bona ( U. of Illinois at Chicago )
9:05-9:40         Hui-Hui Dai
(City University of Hong Kong)
"Phase Transitions in a Slender Elastic Cylinder: A Derived Regularized Theory"
9:40-10:15       Julius Kaplunov (Brunel University)
                             "Decay and radiation conditions for vibrating plates"
10:15-10:50     Break
10:50-11:25     Ellis Cumberbatch (Claremont Graduate University)

                             "Transistor modeling including quantum effects"
11:25-12:00     Yau Shu Wong(University of Albert)